Freezer Guide : A Freezing Guide for the Frugal

freezer guide by Aimee Brittain

      I have had so many request for this I decided to make my first little eBook and I am totally excited.  I have created a Freezer Guide if you are trying to freeze item this eBook is the go to place for it. It shows you how to freeze a number of […]

National Sunday Coupon Preview

sunday coupon preview

  Here is the National Sunday Coupon Preview for today. Remember that this is just a guide to help you in choosing how many newspaper to buy. The amounts on each coupon will vary by region. For the 2015 schedule for the weeks ahead check out the 2015 Sunday Coupon Schedule. Sign up to my newsletter for a printable version […]

9 DIY Frugal Valentine Decor Ideas

9 Frugal DIY Valentine Home Decor

  Valentine Day is coming up and there are some great ways that you can decorate your house and give it the feel of Valentine day right in your home. Alot of the decorations are fun for the entire family to be a part of and the best part is that you can get all […]

30 Ways to Save Without Coupons: #3 Stay Home No Restaurant

30 ways to save without coupons

      There are a ton of ways to save money and one of the ways is to stay home, no restaurant. Not sure if you know this but it is WAY cheaper to make meals at home then to go out and eat. With the way pinterest is now you can find out […]

30 Ways to Save Without Coupons: #2 Alternative Stores

30 ways to save without coupons alternative stores

    See there is a method to my madness. Alternative stores such as Aldi is a great place to save money. Now if you’re not familiar with Aldi it only sells their brand (for the most part). They are also known for their amazing fruits and vegetables that are almost always cheaper than the store. […]