30 Ways to Save Without Coupons: #6 Shop with a Full Stomach

shop on a full stomach

      I so have to do this before I go shopping. I can’t say it no plainer. You have to make sure you are not hungry when you go shopping. There is a reason, one of the things I teach in my coupon class. That one of the tricks that the store has […]

National Sunday Coupon Preview

sunday coupon preview

  Here is the National Sunday Coupon Preview for today. Remember that this is just a guide to help you in choosing how many newspaper to buy. The amounts on each coupon will vary by region. For the 2015 schedule for the weeks ahead check out the 2015 Sunday Coupon Schedule. Sign up to my newsletter for a printable version […]

30 Ways to Save Without Coupons #5 Create a Stockpile

30 ways to save without coupons #5 create a stockpile

(This is really my cleaning stockpile) People are so against stockpiles and when I tell my story about how my stockpile saved me. People instantly look at it in a different way. Stockpiling is not about hording food. Its about saving money. Your goal should be to last you till your next sales cycle. I […]

Sponsored Post: Head & Shoulders: Textured Hair Review

head and shoulders for textured hair

I was given the entire new line of Head and Shoulder for Textured Hair. Being natural one of the things I have trouble with is dandruff and keeping my hair from getting dry. Its a constant struggle. So the chance to try a product that promises no dandruff or itchy scalp as well as keeping […]

CVS Haul Week of 2/17/15

CVS Haul 2-17

  So here is my trip for this week with CVS I honestly didn’t need much but tissue paper and to roll over my Extracare bucks. Now I didn’t have my Colgate coupons I know I could have probably came out of pocket nothing but I will take paying this. Here is how I did […]