30 Ways to Save Without Coupons: #10 Use Leftovers and Remix Them




This is a great thing. Use you leftovers. I don’t know about you but I have family members that can’t stand left overs. That’s crazy to me. What I do is “remix” them. I turn them into a new meal. To meal this helps from having the same thing and makes it more enjoyable. It also makes it more likely that those picky eaters will eat it.

This saves you a ton of  money in the long run and if you didnt see my post yesterday on 7 Ways to Enjoy Chili then you are missing out. Cause I took a simple pot of chili and besides the regular bowl of chili I turned it into 6 other meals that are just awesome for lunch and some for dinner and most of them for both.

What items do you remix to help save money ?


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