5 Frugal Back to School Shopping Tips

5 tips to help you save on back to school shopping



Its that time again… time for school yes in Georgia school starts in the beginning of August for Metro Atlanta area. This year for me is personally a big one as my Lil Diva is starting High School!!! I am so nervous and sad at the same time. I started this blog when my daughter was in the second grade and now I have a 9th grader where did the time go.

With that being said its time to start getting ready for back to school. Here are 5 Frugal Back to School Shopping Tips.

Check and see what you already have in stock:

Toward the end of the year kids begin to run out of supplies so we always have left over at the end of the school year. I try my best not to use it to cut down on the supplies that will be needed. I have paper, pencils and pens left so while I still have to buy these items I don’t have to buy as many saving me money.

Look for back to School Sales:

Alot of stores will begin to have back to school sales. While office supplies stores are good be sure to check out the grocery stores they have some good deals as well. I tend to ending up getting them from the grocery store as they are the same as going to the store. If you do go to the office supply store take ads with you alot of those stores have price match during this time of the year.

Consignment stores are your friends:

This is the time of year where I turn in all my daughters name brand clothes that she has out grown and try to make some money for new school clothes and cut the price of my daughter school wardrobe budget but adding some cute barely worn or new consignment items to the mix. Saves me hundreds every school year.

Shopping when deliveries come into the store:

I always try to find out when the stores gets there clothes in and when they come out on the floor. I also ask the sales person when the big mark down is going to happen. They usually know and don’t mind sharing.

Shop on Tax Free Holidays:

Most don’t think this makes a difference but I have saved on average shopping trips a total of 40 bucks during that time even when buying consignment.  I love this sale cause I usually get some office equipment that I been saving for as well.

If you have anymore tips leave them in the comments I may do another post if I get enough tips.





5 Frugal Back to School Shopping Tips
5 tips to help you save money on shopping for back to school.


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