How to get your family ready for back to school



back to school tips

Its that time when your kids have to get ready for back to school and the transition can be hard but here are some great tips to help you get back into the school routine.

1. Start the routine early- this is something I do with my daughter every year I start her on her school routine at least a week in advance so that going to sleep at her school bedtime is not so much of a hassle.

2. No naps during the day- this is also something I start about a week before school starts. Now of course I mean this for kids that don’t have naps if you can its always cool to find out when there nap is so that you can do the same at home if possible.

3. About a month out I have my daughter do refresher work to make sure she is ready the first day. I really work with her on math since that’s her weakest subject. I also have practice her instruments.

4. I stock up on snacks for my lil diva because she comes home starving from school and the first thing she wants is a snack so I make sure I have my stockpile ready for her attack. LOL.

Last but not least enjoy this last little bit of summer with your little ones cause as we all know too well. They don’t stay little for long.



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