Organizing Your Coupons

how to organize your coupon book



I have alot of people tell me that they have no clue as to how to organize there coupons. Well there a ton of different  ways but I am going to show you how I do it. For me it works cause I never know when I am going to make a stop at the store does it take time yes but the money I save on unexpected trips to the store because I do it these way is worth it to me.

Here are the supplies I use:

File binder

Hanging folders


3 Ring Binder


Baseball card holders


To start off when I get coupons out the sunday newspaper I put them in a folder with the date and put them in the the hanging file folder. I do this to keep my coupons organized. When I get a free chance I cut the coupons out of that folder and put them in my binder.

My binder is the subject of conversation everytime I go into a store because people cant believe that I put that much effort into something as small as coupons. I tell people all the time to think ofcoupons as money because that is what you are saving when you use them. Would you treat cash any old kind of way? I wouldn’t and don’t so I treat my coupons as if they was cash themselves.

My binder is big and pink as you can see in the picture above. I used a regular three ring binder, dividers and baseball card holders. This helps me stay organized, and have my coupons with me while I m shopping and on the go.

I divide my coupons by things I use alot and I always suggest you do the same. Here is the tabs I have in my book.

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This is the way I divide my binder but I suggest you divide it up. Also another tips is to only update this binder once a week. Once I update it I keep the binder in my car at ALL times. Cause there is nothing worse than going into a store at the last minute and find out that had a coupon for that and dont have it with you. Thats a pet peeve of mine.

Well I hoped this helped those that are starting to get there coupons together and for those that have questions please leave your questions in the comments ( it won’t show up till I approve it) but once you post it I may start answering your coupon questions every week.

If you would like to purchase a coupon binder like mine you can do so on this site The Coupon Diva Store. We are selling coupon binders and they include dividers, cards holders and rules for major stores to help while shopping. You can add to the cart and make payment via PAYPAL.

Organizing Your Coupons
how to organize your coupons in your coupon book along with a free download for categories to put in your coupon book

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