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5 plus size fashion on a budget

When it comes to plus size dressing on a budget I know its hard believe me I have been a wonderful size 18 since I was a Jr. in high school.  Dressing nice does not have to cost a ton of money. It’s all about getting the sale and the coupons (of course !! :-) ).
My main rule of thumb is if it’s not on sale then I don’t buy it. Now I know some women are like are you serious? I promise its true.  Over the next few weeks I will take a picture in some of my outfits and tell you the price of them. It’s not hard but below are some tips that will definitely help you in your quest.

I tend to go for quality over quantity as the better quality the more likely the item will last longer !!!!!

#1. Sign up at the store web site.

This has saved me a ton. Just recently I received a 15 dollars off of 15 dollar or more purchase from Lane Bryant that came with here with the new catalog. The great thing about this is that I can use this on clearance item which usually means I can get a low-cost/free shirt with a cute bottom weather shorts, jeans, or skirt.

Another example of this is that My birthday is on Super bowl Sunday. Since I will be out most of the weekend celebrating with friends and family I was hoping to get a cute outfit to wear one of those days. Well checking my email I found my birthday gift from the Avenue a 25% off of any buy in the store. This coupon  is also good with clearance items again. So this could mean a cute low-cost / free top or bottom if I go to both stores.

#2 Work Backwards

I know you are saying whaaaa??? No really this is what I do when I go into any store I head to the back why? because that’s where the clearance section is. I shop the clearance section first before I look anywhere else. If I don’t see anything there. I then move on to the sales racks. If I don’t find anything there I usually ask when the sale will end  and politely walk out because believe it or not there are a ton of stores and websites that carter to plus size women.  ( I do check out the new clothes so I can see what I like so that I can keep a mental note to check out when that item goes on sale the next time I am in the store.)

#3 Don’t limit your self to the mall

I don’t just go to the mall for my items. Some people don’t have a mall near them. There are many stores that have plus size clothes that are known for cute clothes. I know a lot of times when you go to a store the plus size clothes look like your grandmothers closet so not cute. I am only 31 so believe me I understand. Here are some stores that are not in the mall but are definitely great places to checkout.


TJ Maxx


The Avenue– Not all of these are in the mall ( mine isn’t)

Ashley Stewart – Not all of these are in the mall (mine isn’t)

DD’s Discount

#4 Say it with me Thrift Store

Thrift Store yes….. the thrift store. I have found some great items in the thrift store. I have a BCBG jogging suit that I found in the thrift store that I spent 6 bucks for that was in great condition and wore until I messed them up in a bleach accident ( still mad about that to this day). Yes it takes time to go through all the bad stuff  but alot of times if you go on the thrift stores half day ( Weds. at my favorite store)  you can save a ton of money even at the thrift store.

#5 Recycle

So even with all of this there comes a time where you don’t want an outfit anymore or you no longer wear it for whatever reason. Since you are plus size you are actually a hot commodity!! Alot of consignment shops will give you a great amount or credit for your gently used name brand items. If you don’t have one in your area (I unfortunately don’t unless I feel like driving to the other side of metro Atlanta) then you could do like I do I have an online eBay consignment shop and that money goes toward me and my daughter new clothes. So I am constantly adding clothes.

#6 My Shorts in December

So here you are like I get it but really. This summer I saw a really cute pair of purple Capris that I was like I need to get those. Well unfortunately for me I never did well. Here comes December and I have a concert to go to with my friends and I need an outfit. No problem coupon and sales printed out I head to the Avenue. So I go to the clearance section and low and behold there are the purple capris that I had wanted this summer. They are on clearance for 4 bucks !!!  Then I look over and cami’s were on clearance for 4 bucks as will. I have a jackets galore so basically I got a summer outfit for less than 10 bucks !!!  Alot of stores that have great end of season clearance sales that you just have to go to. My favorite and all time best store for clearance for plus size shopping during end of season sales. DILLARDS !!! OMG you would not believe the amazing deals that you can find there during their infamous clearance sale. Here are a list of other great sales:

Lane Bryant




#7 Websites ( don’t  be afraid)

Websites are awesome. If you are a plus size women then you know that Old Navy doesn’t carry Plus size clothes in most if not all of their stores. Well. Old Navy ‘s online store does and its great. On Black Friday I had to work no problem I went online to the site and saw that my jeans are only 15 bucks So I order them after I measure the leg length ( I am 6 ft. tall I have to ….sigh)  they came in the mail and fit great !!!! Here are some great websites to check out:


Old Navy


Lane Bryant

Charlotte Russe

Ann Taylor (up to size 18)

Macys ( plus size and Juniors plus size)

White House Black Market (up to size 18)

Hopefully this will help you in your quest to cut your plus size clothing cost down. If you have any suggestions I am sure some of the readers of this blog would love to know your tips or tricks that you use.

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  1. Susie Putman says

    I would love to know where you found a Marshalls or a TJ Maxx that carries more than half a rack combined plus size clothing. All of the ones in the Southeast at least are pathetic. I just left Marshalls and TJ Maxx today. Disappointed as always! The Marshalls store had one half of one rack dedicated to plus sizes. But at least that’s better than what they had at TJ Maxx! I find it incredibly frustrating that I am forced to go to expensive specialty shops because these stores refuse to carry things in my size. By the way, I’m a size 16 18 so I’m not huge.

    • atldiva says

      They don’t have a ton but it is an option. I have found some great capris there some cute Lane bryant shirts that was easily 75% off. Forever 21 also has a great selection depending on your style. Sears again depending your style.Burlington Coat Fatory has a huge section and now there jr. section has a jr plus as well. There are options yeah its a little harder for us. I am a 20 – 22 and 6 feet tall with a size 12 shoe so believe me my choices are slim and few. Hope that helps.


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