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With spring here I thought this would be a great help to the moms that are working on spring cleaning and are stuck with all your kids clothes that are too small.

Kids as we know outgrow clothes faster than you can buy them. Well this article is to give you some great suggestions on what to do with these clothes once they can not wear them anymore. I have a daughter and that was a constant issue. I was beginning to get piles and piles of clothes. I figured there had to be a way to turn these clothes into more clothes for my daughter. Her clothes were nice and in good condition. So why couldn’t I figure out how to turn these clothes into more clothes. Here are a few things that I do with my daughters clothes and have been doing for years and it works.

Thred-Up This is a great online company if you have alot of name brand clothes then this is the company for you. They send you a bag with shipping back to them fill it with your kids name brand clothes and you can get money back for it. This is an amazing company and if you are looking for some nice barely used name brand clothes I highly recommend there clothes great quality.

Ebay- Yes I know people are going to say Ebay fees are high. Well since they have inserted the free 5 auctions a month that’s exactly what I do. I post five auctions a month for bundles of clothes and to help off set the cost I add in a 1.00 handling fee. When you sell in bundles that is always more appealing to the buyers and its great if you do not have name brand clothes but they are nice.

Yard Sale- I am a single mother and don’t have a lot of items so once a year me and my friends get together and have a 4 person yard sale at my grandmothers house. Its always super successful and we usually always come out with over 200 bucks of course we each give my grandmother 25 bucks for using her yard. Its always a great success and everyone has fun and make money.

Consignment Shops- You have to be careful with your name brand children’s clothes and what you do with them. I always take mine to the consignment shop first. This is a great way to turn your child’s/children’s clothes into more clothes because once your child’s item sales the store give you either money or store credit towards getting more clothes for your child/children.

Craigslist- I post on craigslist too. I had run out of options for some of my daughters clothes and was definitely wanting them to go to a good home. I posted a ad on craigslist and met with a lovely lady that loved the clothes and wanted everything I had in the bad I made 25 bucks for driving 5 mins to meet her.

Local Goodwill Donation Centers – At the end there will always be some clothes that no matter what you cant recycle. So what I do is take them to the local goodwill donation center and it becomes a tax write-off. So I don’t make any money this year but I save on taxes next  year. Still a win win situation.

Your child’s too small clothes can always turn into more than just clothes that take up room. That could actually be your child’s next wardrobe.

Aimee B- The Coupon Diva is a single mother in the Atlanta area you can find out about her other ways she saves money by checking out her website.

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